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About Us

I am here to raise the vibration, in service to the Divine Plan.

I have grown from a skeptical seeker to a Guardian of the Threshold and a priestess remembering her lineage. I wish for everyone to remember their own paths and magical lineages. Life is so much richer and more full when you believe in magic.

I would like to offer support and resources that have helped me remember who I am. Respectful questions welcomed. 


A few years ago, when I described my way of seeing the world as a series of webs, my shaman said, "That is very Arianrhod of you." I didn't know who Arianrhod was, so I began my exploration. I had already had my 'goddess dream' years before, but I didn't know her name. Thanks to Google, I discovered other servants and priestesses of Arianrhod, and their words helped me recognize myself in them.


One of my favourites is Mystik Nomad, who wrote the following:


Above all else Arianrhod is a liminal goddess. She stands at the moment of transition between What Was and What Will Be, the instant that potential is made manifest. Her primary emphasis, in fact, is encouraging that moment of manifesting potential. Rites of passage are especially important to Her, because during the moment of “becoming” the celebrant briefly enters Her realm.

She does not fit neatly into the life stage of Maiden or Mother or Crone – She is all of them, and none of them, because She stands outside of the cycle in order to monitor its passage. Stories say that She hosts the dead between incarnations, giving them rest and peace before rebirth. Again She dwells at the liminal space, whether its between stages of life or between lifetimes.

And that also shows another side of Her personality. She will comfort you, She will give you peace and rest – but only for a time. You can’t stay in Her Tower, you can only visit. She will implacably send you out to fight again, to live and die again, because it is only by doing this that you will realize everything you can be.

As a goddess of the liminal She has no tolerance for stasis. It is only change that encourages – and rewards – growth. So it doesn’t matter if She has to push you, drag you, or simply hold your hand. She will create obstacles, challenge your preconceived notions, disrupt your routine, and throw you curve balls, just so you can learn how to handle them. Or, alternately, to prove to you that you’re strong enough to bear the burden. Often our strength and resources have to be tested to be known. Arianrhod will test you right to the breaking point, walking that fine line between “too much” and “not enough”. There’s always the chance you might fail – which creates another kind of opportunity to grow. Which challenges the meaning of “failure”, and your relationship to it. Which is another growth opportunity.


This all feels so true. When I read it I couldn't decide if I serve Arianrhod, or if I was Arianrhod. Since finding her again, as the story goes in my video, I have spent much time in her tower, and pondered the constellation, Corona borealis, which is said to be where her tower lives in the sky. We speak in my journeys, and she has comforted me, and kicked my ass, been impatient with me, and shown me great honour. I am so grateful to have found my way back to her.

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