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Choosing to Believe

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Once upon a time in a remarkably unmagical time in the course of history, a girl made a choice to believe. To that point she had been a skeptic, and while she was drawn to stories of ghosts and the supernatural, the possibility that they might actually exist terrified her, and she stayed planted firmly in the material realm.

A crown of God's light on a winter's drive home.

But then she fell in love with a boy, and the process of falling in love was completely illogical, and even though there were so many reasons for it not to happen, she could feel herself being swept along by a plan other than her own (or his own). It seemed to others like her parents to be illogical as well, and they pressed her to abandon the relationship.

On a particularly bad day, almost giving in to the pressure, she went to bed with doubt in her heart. That night the Goddess visited her in her dreams. She picked up the girl and set her on the Earth, with a clear message that she was held, cared for, and that she need only to relax and allow her destiny to unfold.

She awoke with certainty that she was on the right path, that this was more than ‘just a dream’ and she moved to the city where her young lover lived. It was not always easy, and as they struggled to make a life together, she sometimes wondered whether it would be easier to walk away. A firm voice inside her said, “That is not an option.” And she believed.

Believing, in a world that deifies science and logic, is enough to earn ridicule. Coincidences are nothing more. Serendipity is a nice idea, but not something to trust. In spite of this, she practiced believing. She saw coincidences and serendipity as divine guidance and a sign she was on the right path.

The more she believed, the more she wished there was truly more to reality than what most modern people would admit to be true. She wondered about her great purpose. In a particularly difficult time in the life of the young couple (for they had gotten married), she began to practice more regularly to trust and offer herself in service to the Divine. Her mantra was, “I am ready to serve.”

Over the next few years, the messages and signs led her and her husband to begin working with a healer who helped them begin to remember who they really were and step into their purpose in this life. This was both exhilarating and frightening, and often tinged with grief, to both leave behind who they once were, and also to remember the circumstances under which they had forgotten their true selves.

But the potential for grief or even real danger was not enough for them to shy away and they embraced the challenge together. They shared a passion for this awakening, and also wondered at the people around them who for the most part chose to remain firmly asleep.

They each began to find a community of awakened souls beyond their physical community—those who embraced ritual, believed in magic, knew the power of the unseen realms, and were equally willing to carry the full weight of responsibility in serving what the girl had come to think of as the Divine Plan.

This is not a fairy tale—although there are aspects of fairy in it. This is not a thing of the past, but a story that is unfolding as I write this. I am that girl. I live in a bungalow and raise my family and go to work every day. I also serve a higher purpose and I carry that joyful burden willingly without fully understanding the implications of all that means, but trusting the process. That process regularly crosses back and forth between the material and the unseen.

I am lucky to share this path with the man who sits across from me, doing the work he is also called to do.

I am compelled to share my story, here and with acquaintances, friends and family as I am called. Some of them are eager to believe. Others would rather think it is a nice story and that this calling is for people other than themselves. People into woo woo shit, like me.

I am here to tell you that this calling is available to anyone who is willing to listen…and believe. A women’s organization I am involved with, Shakti Rising, talks openly about radical responsibility and rising up to your dignity. This is the birthright of every human on the planet, and I believe to my core that many souls who chose to come to Earth as a human at this time in history are here to contribute to the evolution of consciousness for all.

This has nothing to do with bloodlines or ancestry. Each and every one of our ancestors knew what it is now up to us to remember after centuries of radical forgetting. By nature of you being here now, it means your ancestors survived and procreated from the time of early humans. We are infused with the spirit of the Earth, and with all the spirits that share this space with us.

We are children of Nature. We are influenced by the sun, the moon, and the seasons. We share consciousness with the other animals that share our space with us. We share sixth, seventh and other senses with them that we have been told do not exist and have been conditioned to forget. This is not only the birthright of Indigenous peoples. We are all indigenous to somewhere, and the Earth will speak to us if we only listen.

It is time to remember, for the sake of our children, for the sake of our two- and four-legged and winged and finned brothers and sisters, for the sake of the standing people. We have practiced forgetting and disbelief for long enough. We are not here to collect the most money and the most toys before we die. We are here to serve something greater than ourselves. To move humanity to the next level of awareness and consciousness.

I am learning so much right now, including learning how to integrate our seemingly mundane lives with our sacred calling. I want to share with you that it is all sacred.

Until next time, believe. Listen for the whisper of your calling. If you don’t hear the whisper, ask for guidance. If you don’t hear the guidance, sit still and listen again for the whisper. It takes patience. It takes a willingness to carry this joyful burden—and that is rarely easy. Don’t shy away from the work.

Believe me, you will never wish for your old life back once you step onto this wondrous path.

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