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Think in Magic

I hosted a gratitude circle last week, which is such a nourishing event for me and the participants. We circle deeper and deeper into our exploration of gratitude, and then offer to the world what we have created in the circle.

At the end of the gratitude circle, I give my guests the chance to draw a 'Truth Bomb' card to take home with them. It's a practice for everyone that comes to our home, and we have received so much feedback that the cards people have drawn have meaning to them for years afterward.

This time was no different. Everyone got powerful messages to take home.

And then it was my turn. I went to the pile, and noticed a card with a fold scar in it, lying right on top. I felt the pull to draw it, but then second-guessed myself. It couldn't be that easy. I should rely on my intuition, not the urge to just draw the card from the top of the pile! That's lazy!

Instead, I tapped into (what I thought was) my intuition, and drew a card I was drawn to from elsewhere in the pile. It said, "First, attend to the divine."

Well, that was appropriately satisfying, considering my commitment to surrendering to the Divine Plan, and how my preparation for the gratitude circle had involved less planning and more smudging, clearing and listening for what wanted to be included in the space.

Later that evening I went back to the room where I held the gratitude circle to clean up a bit, and I wondered about that other card with the fold scar on the top of the pile. I picked it up out of curiosity. It said, "Think in magic."

I laughed out loud and then the truth hit me. That was the card I was supposed to draw. The first one I saw. The one that I told myself would be lazy to draw, and that I had to 'try harder' to listen to my intuition. So the Divine had given me the first card as a reminder and a lesson. When you get the Divine hit, trust it and listen!

No matter how much practice we have in working in liminal spaces and tuning in to our inner voice, to the Divine, our minds can get in the way. It really can be that simple—the card that you notice on top of the pile. That's the one. You don't have to dig for it.

How often do we assign ourselves a certain level of effort to get where we need to go? We think we haven't earned it unless it's hard. If you give yourself permission to 'think in magic', you open yourself to every possibility. Even ones you can't even imagine. Even ones that appear to challenge the laws of physics as we understand them. Definitely ones that your critics (inner or otherwise) will tell you can't possibly happen. When you think in magic you unravel the rules and limitations you've set for yourself and open up a whole new multi-dimensional realm of existence. It's so freaking fun here!

My gratitude take-away from that night is this: I am grateful that my conversation with the Divine is open and respectful enough that I can still find my way to the message meant for me, even if I have to draw two cards and receive a gentle reminder to get there.

What is stopping you from thinking in magic?

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