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What if Your Purpose is Unseen?

I spent a lot of years being relatively successful in my career and in my relationships, yet still wondering, “Is this all there is?”

Is the purpose of life to just check the boxes, find the life partner, have a family, find a fulfilling career, and then gather material goods to support your lifestyle? That didn’t seem right to me.

A spiral staircase leading to the mystery in Turin, Italy
Is it just a set of stairs? Or does it lead somewhere meaningful and mystical?

My work life had become a series of projects started, completed and added to my portfolio. And I thought to myself, so, I just keep doing that until I retire?

On top of that, I have an eclectic list of things I like to do. I love my job as a writer and consultant. I also love food and cooking. I love connecting to people. I love each and every one of my projects, which can vary wildly in scope and content. I had a hard time seeing the connection between all the things I do. It seemed like something of a patchwork, stitched together only by my commitment and interest.

It wasn’t until I began exploring the metaphysical realm beyond my trusted divination and tarot cards that I began to make more connections. It started with listening to that quiet voice I mentioned in my last post. The voice began by reminding me to simply allow the connections to unfold. At one point when I was doing some visualization about my purpose, the message was, “Be with ease. Do the work.”

I knew I was on the path, because anytime I tried to take control or make my own decisions that established my own will outside of the ‘flow’, the current would sweep me back in and let me know, mostly through unexpected opportunities, but occasionally a crisis, that I wasn’t in charge, reminding me to ‘be with ease.’

Through a process of a few years of active seeking while also going with the flow, I came to a point where I knew that my spiritual purpose had to do with raising the vibration of the world, but I still couldn’t connect it to my mundane work of writing content for websites.

With the help of one of my wellness team members, who helped me see how every project I take on raises the vibration of the organization I work with, and the people touched by the writing I do, I began to connect my mundane purpose with my spiritual purpose. It is far more energizing to enter into any project trusting that I will raise the vibration of an organization, and how that will have ripple effects beyond the actual work I do.

As I delved further into the unseen realms, I also kept getting the message that in many cases my very presence is all that is needed. This flies in the face of most ‘find your purpose’ guides, which are often focused on doing and acting. Once you have discovered your very essence, and have tapped into it deeply, there may be less doing required, and more being.

In fact, one of my spiritual teachers laughed at me recently when I told her I was practicing doing less, and then listed off the many things still on my calendar (less than what there could have been, but still a lot). She laughed, and said, “That’s doing LESS? You’ll know you’re closer to serving the Divine Feminine when you feel like you’re going backwards.”

I’m not feeling like I’m going backwards just yet, but I am feeling more connected to my purpose, and more confident that every opportunity that arises serves my purpose in multiple ways. I have the opportunity to raise the vibration of an organization while earning an income that allows me to continue my spiritual exploration, investing time and sometimes money for travel to connect with the organization that I feel most aligned with.

I am also much more committed to creating space in my life for the Divine to speak to me. My job is not to say yes to everything as much as it is to have the space in my life to serve in whatever ways I am called.

If you ever feel a disconnect between your spiritual life and what you do for a living, be patient. The connection is probably there between them, if your work feels aligned with your purpose.

Consider also, that your divine purpose may not be in doing, but rather in being; how you connect with those around you, in the ripples that you leave in your wake. If your purpose is as much in the unseen as in the material world, it may take listening to that quiet voice to make all of the connections.

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