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When Your Crystal Grid Hits its Expiration Date

Updated: May 4, 2019

I was quietly reading the other night when I heard a clunk, followed by another clunk and the sound of something rolling across the floor.

When I investigated, I discovered my orgone sphere that I had placed on a tobacco pouch in the middle of a crystal grid I had set about a month ago had rolled off the pouch, onto the floor and across the dining room. This seemed a little too obvious to consider a coincidence.

So there I was, speaking out loud to my crystal sphere: “Okay, I hear you! I guess it’s time to set a new grid!”

I set the new grid the following day, and it is a beauty. It is full of magic, balance, and references to both the seen and the unseen. In January I received a beautiful New Year’s reading from a Shakti sister of mine, and this grid gives a nod to all of the themes that arose in that one. It felt like an affirmation that things are on the right path and that the year’s themes are all still relevant and in the process of unfolding.

We have representation from the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine; we have protective forces, crystal energies, and a reminder that form does not equal substance. There is also assurance that we’re on the right path and a reminder that we can’t know everything. Surrendering to the mystery is a requirement right now.

This reading is not just for me. It reflects a vibration that is alive in the current evolution of the world. My journaling revealed the following. How does it resonate with you?

Everything is shifting and changing rapidly and nothing is exactly as it seems. Accepting the fluid state of reality and staying open is the best position to take. You have many gifts and supports to rely on in this fluid state. The love of the Great Mother and your feminine lineage. The support of the Angels who are holding space for your ascent through the challenges you undergo - the challenges themselves are your allies in support of your evolution. Be sure to have firm boundaries in place and rely on your analytical mind and commitment to seeing all sides of a situation. You have the support and protection of your magical companions - dragons and unicorns mentioned specifically, but all of them are ready to offer protection and guidance. Your purification rituals also offer protection.
Hold steady; trust your guidance and light will flood the path that is waiting for you.

Blessings on your path.

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